Welcome to the Best in American & Greek Music, DJ Phil the Thrill.

Featuring the best in American Music (from the Beach Boys to the British Invasion to the Electronic Dance Music) & Modern Greek Dance Music for special any occasion -- weddings, baptisms, dinner dances, picnics, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, corporate parties, church fund raisers & many, many more!

DJ Phil the Thrill will help you make your event into an “Outstanding Performance” and a very unique and exciting experience for your guests.

We offer many years of experience entertaining all groups both American & Greek with brand new “state-of-the-art” Pioneer sound system, lighting and a vast library of American and Greek Music (a collection Zeus does not have) we will keep them dancing and talking about your "Outstanding" event for months to come!

What my fans are saying...

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 We have used Phil Gaitan for both personal and church events. During that time, I have gotten to know him and his family quite well and can thoroughly vouch for his character and abilities.

As a DJ, Phil was a pleasure to work with because his pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. He handled the entertainment position by making sure all guests were taken care of and their music needs were met. He made appropriate accommodations for different crowds in each event.

Preparing for events was always done exceptionally well. He also made sure he was thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable to play music at length in all events. Due to his love of entertaining and music, Phil is determined to spread his passion and love for it.

With his motivation and his knowledge of all music, Phil would bring a wealth of knowledge, entertainment and skills to any event.  I know he would be an excellent fit for any occasion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at steve@sidingsource.net